Our weekly digital marketing internship intros: Meet "Team Content"

By Håvard Wattum. Håvard is the Digital Marketing Group Manager for Exposure’s first:exposure internship program. He manages the research, planning, and tactical timeline for the group. He is finishing his masters in Integrated Marketing at New York University, which includes successfully completing Digital Marketing and Search Marketing with Professor Borek. Håvard on Linkedin

Another week comes to a close and at Exposure Agency it is exciting times with its client Athena’s Treasures. Welcome to the third newsletter of the first:exposure internship. This week we were all very excited as we went to New Jersey for a work session at the Exposure Agency HQ. We were writing, presenting, coming up with new ideas and getting it down on paper. The re-launch of Athena’s Treasures is getting closer and we are very excited.

Meet “Team Content”: Jade and Ben.

“Team content” is the team helping Athena’s Treasures to write pieces and to update content. They are important to ensure a seamless communication channel with Athena’s Treasures and it’s customers. In “Team Content” we have Ben and Jade. They are both in the Integrated Marketing program in NYU, they both studied at Penn State and they are from China.     

Jade and Ben are working hard to help Athena’s Treasures expand on content marketing. They are coming up with great ideas that Athena’s Treasures can leverage to make sure it succeeds in communicating with and attracting customers.

Their content marketing responsibilities include:

·      Blog planning

·      Article writing

·      E-commerce product promotional writing

·      Twitter account planning and writing

·      Pinterest audience building

Xiaoyu (Jade) Wang

Xiaoyu (Jade) Wang

Jinyang (Ben) Bian

Jinyang (Ben) Bian

Jade is currently a graduate student at NYU studying marketing. She got her bachelor degree from Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Economics and Japanese. During college, she received high academic achievements and awards, published research papers in Chinese financial magazines and volunteered at many non-profit organizations. 

She worked for Baroque Access as a social media and marketing intern for 3 months in New York City, and also had several internship experiences in marketing and business. She specializes in digital marketing, consumer behavior and branding.

Jinyang Bian, or Ben as we know him, is a marketer, writer and entrepreneur and is a graduate student at NYU Integrated Marketing program. After Ben graduated from Penn State, he worked as a business consultant for 6 months and then worked as a marketing intern at Sara Pandolfi & Co. They participate in events for the largest emergency food program in New York State, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. Ben published a series of articles about big data from January 2015. The series already has twenty-eight articles and it keeps publishing. He propounded the big data theory, which encompasses two theories: special big data and general big data. Ben specializes in data analytics, branding, social media, campaign planning and digital marketing.

At the moment we have great stuff happening at Exposure Agency and at Athena’s Treasures. At our New Jersey session this week, Sameer, Tiffany and “Team Content”, Ben and Jade came and we had a very productive work session. It was a big bunch of writing, presenting, coming up with new ideas and getting it down on paper happening in one day.   

Pictured in the top photo are: Joanne, Pete, Ben, Jade, Tiffany, and Sameer.

We all look forward to the continuation of the work and to meet in New Jersey again. Check back next week for another update of the great work done by Exposure Agency and its client Athena’s Treasures.