This program allows small and medium-sized business owners to begin or enhance their online presence while Exposure trains young professionals.

The first:exposure program is named for the members involved–Digital Marketing students that are hand selected, and closely managed by our Managing Director and NYU Professor, Joanne Borek.

The group works directly on our select clients' online marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, in the areas of audience generation, competitive research, content promotion, and campaign management. The group brings not only a focus on digital marketing, but varied backgrounds in finance, economics, and international marketing. 

How your business will benefit:

Cost-savings: Allocate more of your online marketing monthly budget to actual paid media. Many agencies charge pricey monthly fees for management-heavy overhead. The first:exposure program is designed to stay lean on upper management and heavy on experienced graduate students to save you over half on competitive monthly rates. You can see more return on your ad investment—more optimized traffic from Facebook, paid search, or other social media platforms.

Access to a group think tank: Your project will be exposed to an enthusiastic think tank of competitive graduate students–energized to push your brand forward. They are a group that has formed a unique academic bond at New York's top university. 

Some of the results: 

  • Fashion client: increased from 20% to 70% spots owned on targeted SERP pages #SEO #searchmarketing
  • Online store: Averaging 55% open rates and 43% CTR on eCommerce newsletters (almost 5x industry average) #emailmarketing
  • Pharmaceutical client: lowered media spend by $13 per click #pharma increased #ROI
  • Fashion Accessories client: Increased 1480% engagement rate on Pinterest #socialmedia #whoa

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For students interested in applying for a position with first:exposure, please apply at this link